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ceramic infrared heater 
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2014-11-17 12:53
Product Details

Quick Details

Place of Origin: Jiangsu China (Mainland) Brand Name: xingtai Model Number: xt110110-2
Type: flat size: 122*122mm color: black
resistance wire element: OCr20Ni80

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: cartons+wood box
Delivery Detail: After payment,shipment in one week


ceramic infrared heater
Ni-Cr resistance wire, ceramic body

ceramic infrared heater

Part structure The gable (buries) the formula far infrared ceramics electric heater conductor of heat to use contains above silicon 95%, the thermostable 1,800 quartz glass is the main raw material, forms the silicon dioxide after the chemical reaction, has the far infrared performance, the superficial glaze level is composed by the radiation performance good many kinds of oxide compounds, agglutinates after the high temperature smooth, artistic, is wear-resisting, merit and so on anticorrosion. The heating element becomes the screw type casting by the Cr20Ni80 resistance silk cord but to become in the heat conduction in vivo burn Hollow is honestly complete, Black and white two colors. The insulation resistance value is bigger than 100 megohm, the emissivity about 0.9, above radiation wave length 1-25 micron. Chemistry performance is very stable, in the dilute sulphuric acid solution, the heating body all soaks for 24 hours not to be able to appear the corrosive damage. Because its thermal efficiency, the emissivity, the safety coefficient, the energy conservation hold the certain superiority.The product mainly uses in attracting models the machineryIn profession and so on chemical industry, light industry, electron, medicine, food also has the widespread use.

we can do the heater as customer's design

ceramic infrared heater

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